Welcome to my blog


Hello there!

Thank you for to visit my blog. Here is a small welcome and introduction message. My name is Arabella Russo. My friends and family like to call me “Bella” and “Ella”. You may call me by any of the three names you like. I decide to start this blog because my English language tutor say it is helpful for me to keep a blog. I was encourage to write down/type anything that will help me to practice my writing skills in the English Language. I’m here to share with you and to learn from you. I like to meet new people, because it is one way i will express myself. I start to learn English a few years ago and I’m still learn it. I hope this blog will help me to improve my level of reading and writing English and will help me to be more creative thinker in the English language. The sentence construction in my mother tongue is different from the one in English. So please be patient with me when you notice this.  I would really appreciate your correction. My goal is to publish weekly, someday. I will try and write about different topics. One thing i kindly ask is that we please respect each others opinions. We all have varying views and the best we should do is share and not criticize and disrespect each other.  I thank you much for the time to visit my blog.


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